​Donetsk surgeon flees ‘Russian protection’ to work in Kyiv #Ukraine #tcot

Borzykh also said he noticed a difference between the Ukrainian soldiers he treats and the Russian-separatists he operated on in May-June 2014. He said Ukrainian troops have a strong patriotic spirit, whereas the separatists have an ideology that is anti-Ukrainian, and which labels the current government as a “fascist junta.”

“Why fascist?” Borzykh asked. “Does anybody even know?”

“One of the pro-Russian fighters, when he came to me in Donetsk, was covered in swastikas,” Borzykh said. “When I asked him: ‘So, what are your views of the (so-called) junta in Kyiv and pro-Ukrainian fascists?’ the fighter said nothing.”

​Donetsk surgeon flees ‘Russian protection’ to work in Kyiv.

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