After Action Report on Lawyers Discussing Same Sex Marriage #tcot #ccot #2A

Earlier this week, I met with my lawyer networking group (not the OCBA, but a more social group that breaks out into smaller groups throughout OC and LA). During introductions, it was asked of the “family law” guy whether he had yet done any same sex divorces. His answer was no, but the group had to further discuss the topic—at least until I made my conservative points and that killed any further discussion. Seven lawyers were present. One I’m guessing is Muslim and if so may agree with me that same sex marriage is illegal/immoral/unconstitutional, but didn’t say anything about his personal views on this subject. Four of us raised hands indicating we are Catholic (in response to the moderator’s query; he noted surprise that there were so many Catholics in the South OC group, and said the LA groups are largely Jewish). Of the four Catholics present, I was the only one to defend traditional marriage—only one in the entire group of seven, actually. All other comments were along the lines of “live and let live” and it was shocking how little thought they had apparently given to the subject, or were willing to express. Though I was there for business networking with colleagues and of course it is to be expected most lawyers are of socialist bent, I felt compelled to stand my ground on the issue maybe because of the large picture of Pope St John Paul II staring down, directly across from me. (This meeting happened to be in a new location recently vacated by the St. Michael’s Abbey Foundation and religious art still decorated the walls.) I pointed out that abolition of the family was one of the communist goals mentioned by Karl Marx in his Communist Manifesto. Apparently, none of them was aware of that. I pointed out that the next step to polygamy/polyandry is a much smaller step than the one taken two weeks ago, given ample historical precedent for polygamy even in this country, and that this would destroy the family, the basic building block of a free society. Again, no response. I pointed out that even without polygamy, simply allowing same sex marriage is a threat to property rights. Again, blank stares. I explained that our sense of natural belonging and even the individual right to property comes from the natural family. This is MY son. This is MY daughter. This is MY mother, this is MY father. This is MY teddy bear. This is MY stuff given to ME by MY parents. This is MY LIFE.  Without the natural bond of natural parentage, a bond so strong it can lead a mother to fight to the death, the family bond is weaker and so is the bond with property. The “owner” of the property perceives less justification for it and is less likely to defend the property against the government or whomever the government casts in the role of “family” member. Again, only blank stares, and just before the moderator changed the discussion topic I got in my elevator pitch, stating my estate planning firm’s mission which is “the transmission of Life, Fortune and Honor, for the preservation of Family Power.”

On a more positive note, two of the attorneys present had taken the free firearm training I offer at my office, and three more at this meeting signed up to take it. Positive, because firearm training is sacramental in a way—it brings focus to life issues, and effects good character if done on a regular basis in the right frame of mind.

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