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Perhaps Thos Sowell is not as brilliant as we have been led to believe–I mean, there is no issue as to where Cruz was born. We are not challenging where he was born. Further, Obama’s problem is not simply where he was born (probably US), but primarily his parentage (same with Cruz).  Maybe Sowell is brilliant, but just trying to mislead on the issue, like so many pundits that want to wish it away? Better to find out now what the People think on this issue, than to find out in the general!

The issue that Trump raised about Ted Cruz’s having been born in Canada is not the first time he has tried to challenge where someone was born. “The Donald” was among those who tried to say that Barack Obama was not born an American citizen, and who disgraced themselves, while undermining other critics of Obama who had serious objections to his policies.

Source: Grow Up! | The American Spectator


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