Trump is Reagan, Only More So

hildebeestThose of us who still hesitate to recognize Trump’s value and trust him, need to finally come on board. His win is inevitable at this point and we need to come together to maximize our chances against the Hildebeest.

Trump supported Reagan.

Reagan focused on three main issues to win the election. Trump’s three issues are: Nationalism, Military, Guns.

Despite a couple of unfortunate statements in the past on guns (waiting periods, assault weapons), those statements were not uncommon among conservatives at that time. Younger voters (aka “Gun Culture 2.0”) need to keep that in mind.

In this election, from the very beginning Trump has had the clearest pro-gun policy of any of the candidates. As a Carson supporter, I was frustrated that Trump always beat Carson to supporting guns when news events called for such support. Though Carson is ok on guns, his record is also mixed and the issue seemed to be not as high a priority with him.

Reagan was divorced. Trump was divorced. Reagan was a Democrat. Trump was a Democrat. Reagan had a murky record on guns. Trump had a murky record on guns (not as bad as Reagan’s, actually). But there is no better candidate on guns now. (Cruz is not eligible, and thankfully no longer has a realistic path to the nomination.)

Can we trust Trump on this issue? He wants to leave an honorable legacy for his family, and his namesake son is absolutely solid on the issue:

On March 7, Breitbart News published an exclusive interview with Donald Trump Jr. in which he summed up these things by pointing to his father’s commitment to the Second Amendment and his support for an armed citizenry. Don Jr. said:If you recall San Bernardino, if you recall Paris, [my father’s] the only one of these pro-Second Amendment candidates that said the next day–when things were still a little bit sensitive, when things were still understandably a little bit touchy–he was the only to say, “Hey, California, France, toughest gun laws in the world, if there were bullets going the other way maybe this would be a game changer. Maybe something different would happen.” What kind of a outcomes do you expect when you’re essentially setting up a system where it’s fish in a barrel because we know these gun laws only affect people who are actually willing to play by the rules? They do not affect people who are willing to kill people for their ideology.

Source: Donald Trump Victory Speech: We’re Going to Protect the 2nd Amendment – Breitbart

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