On abortion: Trump answered right the 1st time

For any politician to suggest that the pregnant woman should bear no culpability for her role in pursuing an abortion is not only blatant pandering but represents the ultimate betrayal of the only truly innocent party in the whole sordid affair, the unborn child. It is time we ask ourselves some very difficult questions. What does it mean to be pro-life? What steps need to be taken to make abortion illegal in this country, and if we succeed in outlawing abortion, what are some of the solutions we can offer to prevent a burgeoning black market? What can we do to assist women with their unwanted pregnancies? Are we ready to get serious about finding solutions to these problems rather than bandying about empty slogans? Trump answered honestly. Is anyone else willing to step up and do the same?The bottom line is clear – if abortion is outlawed, it should be treated as any other crime, with prosecution for the perpetrator, the facilitators and their accessories, both before and after the fact. To suggest otherwise is a symptom of unadulterated corruption.

Source: On abortion: Trump answered right the 1st time

On abortion: Trump answered right the 1st time

By Mark Christian, M.D. Donald Trump has ignited another firestorm, and this time he should have held his ground. His recent interview with Chris Matthews on MSNBC has people on both sides of the abortion issue condemning, cursing and distancing themselves from Trump’s point of view. I contend, however, that Trump’s thoughts on the matter opened…


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