Any Cruz Delegate Paid to Subvert Will of People Should be Damned Locally


The OC Register reported recently that Republicans in the counties surrounding LA favor Trump 2 to 1 over Cruz (45% Trump v. 23% Cruz).

Any Cruz-supporting delegate should be damned locally for subverting the will of the people.

As WaPo reports, delegates are “shopped” in a wild, westerny field of wildcatters:

Federal rules do not provide clear guidance about whether delegates can accept items of value from a campaign, other than reimbursement for their travel expenses. Campaign finance lawyers are divided over whether federal or state anti-bribery statutes would apply to delegates who are not elected officials — and if so, what kinds of perks or inducements could be illegal.

Source: These 200 people could decide whether Donald Trump gets the GOP nomination – The Washington Post

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