Left Gearing Up to Attack Eligibility of Cruz, Just as I Predicted

HuffPo is obviously not the best source of policy wisdom, but it’s a great source for intelligence about what the left is up to, and they are up to exactly what I have predicted since my fellow tea party activists leapt over the cliff like lemmings, subject to Cruz control:

Scholars Agree that Ted Cruz is Not Constitutionally Eligible
But what if a candidate misrepresents his basic eligibility for ballot access. Is there legal remedy for that fraud? Again, Ted Cruz provides best evidence.Democrat and Republican partisans alike have agreed that the Canadian-born Cruz is not a “natural born” American citizen as textually required by Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution. Indeed, Mr. Cruz held onto his resulting Canadian citizenship from the time of his birth until May 2014.Not eligible for the presidency, the vice-presidency is also verboten. If Ted Cruz is chosen for the GOP ticket — “playing top or bottom” — the debate over his constitutional ineligibility will go nuclear. House Democrat Alan Grayson pledges to initiate lawsuits: “I’m waiting for the moment that he gets the nomination.”And many nonpartisan legal scholars agree. Ted Cruz’s Harvard Law teacher Laurence Tribe first raised the concern. On Slate, University of Chicago Law Professor Eric Posner put the case directly:Because Cruz was not “natural born”—not born in the United States—he is ineligible for the presidency…. To naturalize … is to confer citizenship status but not to somehow convert him to having been born in America; similarly, to confer citizenship by statute to someone born abroad to an American parent is not the same thing as retroactively making that person born in this country—making him natural born—which would be impossible.Other top academics concur. Legal historian Mary Brigid McManamon’s presents the most comprehensive analysis. Harvard Law Professor Einer R. Elhauge’s recent work, taking the form of a 2016 amicus brief, proves beyond doubt that Mr. Cruz is not eligible — for the presidency or vice-presidency.

Source: Not Eligible to Play Top or Bottom of Ticket; Ted Cruz Is No Mainstream Moderate

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