CDC Report: 35,369 Vehicle Accident Deaths, 505 Gun Accident Deaths #tcot #2A




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As CDC and NSC report, there were more than 35,000 deaths by unintentional injury in 2013 involving motor vehicles compared to a total of 505 (CDC’s number) among all age groups involving  firearms. In NSC’s Injury Facts 2015 report, firearms are no longer even listed among the top causes of unintentional deaths, which are led by poisoning (more than 38,000 in 2013), motor vehicles, falls, choking, drowning, fire and suffocation. For children under 14, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of fatality, with more than 1,401 children dying by this cause in 2011. According to NSC, accidental firearm fatalities declined by 18 percent from 2004 to 2013. Among all these statistics, here is one to keep handy: Firearms are involved in only 0.4 percent of all unintentional fatalities.

CDC Report: 35,369 Vehicle Accident Deaths, 505 Gun Accident Deaths – Breitbart.

Yet Another Negligent Discharge Reported Involving Purse Carry #2A #CCW #tcot

Again, in the free concealed carry class I provide ( I recommend strong side in-waistband (IWB) carry for routine carry and practice, regardless of gender.  In just the last several months I have posted several reported fatalities involving purse carry.  These idiots were lucky;

Passively Constructed Negligent Discharge of the Day: Revenge of the GLOCK Edition – The Truth About Guns.

Only About 10% of Homicides Occur Within Family #2A #tcot

The Left keeps repeating the lie that half of all homicides occur within the family, but it’s actually around 10%:

John Lott’s Website: Greg Gutfeld gives a shoutout on The Five to my research.

Woman Fatally Shoots Herself While Adjusting Bra Holster #2A #CCW #tcot

Women who carry had best stick with the standard IWB holster.  Too many tragedies with purse carry, and now this:

Woman Fatally Shoots Herself While Adjusting Bra Holster: Police |

No surprise to students in my free concealed carry class ( where i have long discussed the drawbacks of these less preferred means of carry.

Orange County Diocese Publishes Gun Control Hit Piece #2A #tcot

orange county diocese gun control pieceSpent most of my day off preparing this:

Orange County Diocese Publishes Gun Control Hit Piece #2A.

I responded to every paragraph.

ANOTHER Toddler Grabs Gun from Purse, Wounds BOTH Parents #2A #CCW #tcot

Toddler wounds both parents with 1 shot from handgun – New York News.

Unusual cases like this make good headlines of course, and thankfully gun accidents involving kids are rare–less than a hundred per year in all the US–but it was only a month ago that another mom was killed when her kid grabbed a gun from her PURSE.

Slightly older kids can be trained to avoid guns and quite a few pre-teens trained to shoot have even used guns to save family members, but the only way to keep small toddlers safe is to train parents to keep guns away from them.

There are a lot of problems with purse carry, including both speed of presentment and weapon retention.  The relative advantages and disadvantages of various methods of carry are discussed thoroughly in the concealed carry class I offer at – sign up now, it’s free.

Two toddler shootings in the span of a month??  It’s time to abandon purse carry.  There are better methods for women to conceal a handgun for ready use, and of course open carry should also be an option.

“HE’S GOT A GUN!” Florida Man Tackles Concealed Carrier, Is Arrested for Battery #2A #CCW #tcot

What would you do in this situation?

If this guy was crazy and/or evil, he could have taken the gun easily (assuming no retention holster) and caused harm.

Even if he was just stupid, he could have taken the gun and caused harm through negligent discharge.

A holstered gun is not a threat, and this type of irresponsible conduct should garner more than a mere battery charge.

Bearing Arms”HE’S GOT A GUN!” Florida Man Tackles Concealed Carrier, Is Arrested for Battery – Bearing Arms.

Father, son turned away from ‘#Muslim-free’ gun range #2A #CCW #tcot #NRA

I strongly disagree with this approach.  While I share the concern about Islam, we are better off supporting the assimilation of Muslims here while we curtail further immigration from cultures incompatible with our constitutional republic.  We all know Islam spreads by force and threatens to kill those who leave it–why then would we close them off from defensive training that would embolden them to leave Islam and perhaps even come to Christ?

Besides which, why would they pick a shooting range that can shoot back instead of a “gun free zone” and why would interrogating them on their beliefs be any more effective than asking criminals to follow gun laws?  Wouldn’t they just practice taqiyya and lie about it in order to gain access to the range?  Ridiculous.

Father, son turned away from ‘Muslim-free’ gun range in Arkansas – Washington Times.

#Babushka trains for battle in Lviv Oblast #2A #RKBA #tcot #Ukraine

Lifestyle Blog: Babushka trains for battle in Lviv Oblast.

Bring your babushka in for free training:

Interpol Chief in 2013 Told Us How to Avoid Terror Attacks on Soft Targets #2A #CCW #tcot #CharlieHebdo

The recent attack on the Paris newspaper is proof positive that the Second Amendment guarantees the right that guarantees all other rights (for example, freedom of the press under the First Amendment).

The shift to soft targets has been apparent for some time:

Paris newspaper attack underscores terrorist shift to ‘soft targets’ – Washington Times.

In 2013 after the attack at Westgate Mall in Nairobi, the chief of Interpol made comments supporting an armed citizenry as the only effective deterrent:


“Societies have to think about how they’re going to approach the problem,” Noble said. “One is to say we want an armed citizenry; you can see the reason for that. Another is to say the enclaves are so secure that in order to get into the soft target you’re going to have to pass through extraordinary security.”

–Interpol Secretary General Ronald K. Noble

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