Ben Carson blasts RNC’s Anti-Trump Cabal, threatens to leave Republican Party

Glad my top two choices are sticking together on this:

“I am prepared to lose fair and square, as I am sure is Donald,” Carson said. “But I will not sit by and watch a theft. I intend on being the nominee. If I am not, the winner will have my support. If the winner isn’t our nominee then we have a massive problem.”

“I will not sit by and watch a theft,” he says.

Source: 2016 election: Ben Carson blasts RNC, threatens to leave Republican Party – POLITICO


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Where ‘America’ really came from – The Boston Globe

Where ‘America’ really came from – The Boston Globe. excerpt: 

The naming-of-America passage in “Introduction to Cosmography” is rich in precisely the sort of word play Ringmann loved. The key to the passage is the curious name Amerigen, which combines the name Amerigo with the Greek word gen, or “earth,” to create the meaning “land of Amerigo.” But the name yields other meanings. Gen can also mean “born,” and the word ameros can mean “new,” suggesting, as many Renaissance observers had begun to hope, that the land of Amerigo was a place where European civilization could go to be reborn — an idea, of course, that still resonates today.

How to Contact Sacramento About the Latest Demonic Infringement of Your Right to Self-Defense

Of course, the only way to really get their attention is to stop contacting them completely and spend all your time training with firearms.  Imagine if everyone did that.  But if you think someone is still listening up there, go ahead:

Your Legislature.

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World Examiner endorses itself in race for Orange County 71st AD Republican Party Central Committee

Spock fires boosters I declared candidacy Monday. Now I've hit the fuel jettison button, firing booster rockets. Hopefully, every good conservative in OC will see the flare, act immediately to fan my facebook political page and **IMPORTANT** invite others to do the same:

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Firearm Fighters’ Latest Panic over Ammo Stored in Garages

Firefighters face exploding ammunition in garage fire | fire, costa, department, mesa, firefighters – News –

[from comments:]

When cartridges are placed in a fire he confirms that the most dangerous component of a cartridge is the brass, or fragments thereof that may cause eye injury or penetrate skin, but certainly there is no evidence that a cartridge that is not in a firearm can cause a mortal wound, either by action of the bullet or the brass/primer fragments. It is important to remember however that a chambered cartridge that detonates in a fire is just as dangerous as a cartridge that is fired under normal circumstances in a firearm.

The Volokh Conspiracy – Ninth Circuit Panel Applies and Upholds the Federal Statute Preempting Various Lawsuits Against Gun Manufacturers,

The Volokh Conspiracy – Ninth Circuit Panel Applies and Upholds the Federal Statute Preempting Various Lawsuits Against Gun Manufacturers,.

Ninth Circuit Panel Applies and Upholds the Federal Statute Preempting Various Lawsuits Against Gun Manufacturers, in Ileto v. Glock, Inc. (just handed down today). I might not have time to say much about this, but I thought I’d give the pointer, and note that the opinion was by Judge Graber joined by Judge Reinhardt, with a partial concurrence and partial dissent by Judge Berzon. For more on the underlying tort theory, which the Ninth Circuit accepted before Congress passed the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, see the four posts that begin here.