Europe’s Leading #Rabbi: #Jews Must Begin Carrying #Guns #2A #CCW #NRA #tcot

Great idea, and not just for Jews!

Europe’s Leading Rabbi: Jews Must Begin Carrying Guns | Washington Free Beacon.

Interpol Chief in 2013 Told Us How to Avoid Terror Attacks on Soft Targets #2A #CCW #tcot #CharlieHebdo

The recent attack on the Paris newspaper is proof positive that the Second Amendment guarantees the right that guarantees all other rights (for example, freedom of the press under the First Amendment).

The shift to soft targets has been apparent for some time:

Paris newspaper attack underscores terrorist shift to ‘soft targets’ – Washington Times.

In 2013 after the attack at Westgate Mall in Nairobi, the chief of Interpol made comments supporting an armed citizenry as the only effective deterrent:


“Societies have to think about how they’re going to approach the problem,” Noble said. “One is to say we want an armed citizenry; you can see the reason for that. Another is to say the enclaves are so secure that in order to get into the soft target you’re going to have to pass through extraordinary security.”

–Interpol Secretary General Ronald K. Noble

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#WA #GunOwners Hold Largest Felony Disobedience Rally in US History #2A #tcot #CCW #OpenCarry

Over 1,000 Gun Owners Violate Washington State Law – In Front Of Police!.

#SJC now has an awesome pro-business pro-‪#‎2A‬ pro-‪#‎OpenCarry‬ pro-#CCW mayor! #OC #tcot #catcot

New mayor sets pro-business tone – The Orange County Register.

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#Ukraine IT pioneer runs for parliament on pro-#RKBA #2A platform #tcot

Ukrainian tech mogul announces run for parliament, supports right to bear arms.

Open Carry is Ultrasound for the Second Amendment #2A

One of the advantages of open carry over concealed carry is that gun owners know their brethren who carry openly.  In a concealed carry regime, gun owners are ghetto-ized and susceptible to brainwashing.  For example, you keep hearing from the left about a recent study claiming gun ownership has declined, and that gun sales are going up only because a smaller number of gun owners are buying more guns.  You know this conflicts with your own observation and with other studies, but the lie keeps getting repeated.

Open carry is ultrasound for the Second Amendment.  Though concealed carry may give an individual a tactical edge (in a fight that probably would have been completely avoided with open carry), SOCIETY is safest when we are all accountable to each other to be responsibly armed.

In the concealed carry ghetto, you’ve given up your #1A for the illusion of #2A.  You speak less about #2A and stop wearing NRA hats, t-shirts and other advertising, afraid someone will think you are brandishing or irresponsible and your permit will be taken away.  If concealed carry ever succeeded in reaching “a people trained to bearing arms” it would morph into open carry in effect since if enough other people carried concealed, they could probably guess you were carrying anyway.  More likely, the ghetto will get smaller and smaller.

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Gun ownership of course, as a percentage of households, is definitely NOT declining now, though it may have declined in the 1970’s and 1980’s:


California Governor Signs Handgun Open Carry Ban, Now Long Guns Considered

Gov. Brown just announced here that he has signed AB 144, the ban on the open carry of unloaded handguns, despite his earlier statements admitting there is no need for such legislation.

The movement to protect Second Amendment rights in California now appears to be looking at the open carry of long guns as a means of expression.

Open carry is ultrasound for the Second Amendment.  Concealed carry is concealed speech.

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S_4children (photo courtesy

Kids trust parents to keep them safe.

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California Election Proves Concealed Carry Doesn’t Work

Conservatives won huge around the rest of the country – by running as conservatives.  In California, the conservative message was carried concealed, where carried at all.  The idea is that in a state this liberal, you have to run to the center if you don’t want to be completely shut out.  Well, we did and we are.

One of the advantages of open carry is EDUCATION.  During elections, candidates inform (and misinform) voters with their words and actions, taking positions on various issues, and by silence.  Silence on an issue has the effect of teaching it is not important.  Silence about a fundamental right is not good in the long run.  Silence about a fundamental right is not good tactically either, when candidates throughout the country are mobilizing supporters and winning with that issue.

Another advantage of open carry is DETERRENCE.  As every schoolchild knows, the only weapon effective against moonbats is LIGHT.  Try any other weapon on them, and they will only get stronger.  Conservatives win by appealing to reason, principle, moral responsibility, truth planted in the good soil of freedom.  Socialist moonbats seek control, and to get it they weaken with immorality, first with envy, then greed, then looting, then murder of unborn babies, murder of defenseless victims, murder of the burdensome useless, and ultimately civil war.

Not long ago there was a self-defense story (typical of many) where a concealed carry permit holder used his gun to stop a criminal attack.  Though successful in defending his life, the permit holder got shot in both legs.  I gave the story a different headline: “Concealed Carry Fails to Prevent Criminal Attack” – open carry of a firearm would almost certainly have deterred this attack.

Aposematic insects (for example, bumblebees) wear bright colors to deter predators.  A few are eaten Bumble-bee-dog during the education process, but it works and in a free society we must be aposematic citizens.

The aposematic candidate will force debate, provide a meaningful choice to the electorate, and most of all educate and deter the lies and even bad policy that can take root in elections.  Even if the candidate loses, we are better off.

Of course, there are times when the neighborhood is so bad that you must opt only for the obvious tactical superiority of concealed carry.  Has California truly fallen so far as a neighborhood, where education is no longer an option?  If so, then why are we still here?

California is not really that liberal.  We are just too large, and party apparatchiks are out of touch with the grassroots who want them to fight the good fight.

Concealing our conservative opinions only made the moonbats stronger.  Only light kills moonbats, and our only defense is to educate and deter by wearing truth on our sleeves (or belt holsters).  Small, lightweight, concealed opinions, even when deployed, rarely have enough stopping power.  The result is the paralyzed, impotent, braindead, disarmed and opinionless California of today.