The Left’s Worst Fear On Guns Has Been Realized: The NRA Was Right

The number of people slaughtered in “gun free zones” at home and aboard shows conclusively that gun control is a failed idea which must be abandoned.

Source: The Left’s Worst Fear On Guns Has Been Realized: The NRA Was Right – Bearing Arms – Concealed Carry Reciprocity, Mass shootings, NRA, terrorism, Wayne LaPierre


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Woman Smuggles Gun into Prison in her #Vagina! #tcot #2A #gunsense #guncontrol

Woman Smuggles Gun into Prison in her Genitals | Truth Revolt.

“A warm gun is a happy gun.”


The mission of GUNTRUST.ORG, Professional Law Corporation, is to provide planning options for DYNASTIC FAMILY PROTECTION with values-based incentives for multi-generational firearms training, in addition to conventional tax planning, estate planning and asset protection planning.  Read the full article - Our Mission: Dynastic Family Protection (LawNews.TV)

Abortions linked to breast cancer again

Torts 101: Doctors are guilty of battery if they do not obtain INFORMED consent:

Abortions linked to breast cancer again.

"Actually women have the right to be told this particular research and the biology supports what we know about female biology during pregnancy," she said. "Women should be told – especially before the birth of a first child – abortions are highly, highly, carcinogenic."

Public Misinformed on Pill

In addition to our meta-analysis, it’s important to note that the World Health Organization classified oral contraceptives as a Class I carcinogen in 2005 (i.e., the most dangerous classification).

Iatrogenic | Word of the Day

Includes physician political activity in the area of gun control, but there is hope: a physician recently attending my weekly Family Protection Clinic said lots of his colleagues were "converting" on guns since Obamacare/SchwarzeneggerCare/Termicare:

Iatrogenic | Define Iatrogenic at

iatrogenic i·at·ro·gen·ic (ī-āt'rə-jěn'ĭk) adj. Induced in a patient by a physician's activity, manner, or therapy.


Reagan life guard green Today we are tired of the left appropriating our language in its norm-changing attack on family power. Today, we are TAKING THE WORD GREEN BACK! Today, we wear green as a sign of solidarity among all REAGAN CONSERVATIVES.

World Examiner endorses itself in race for Orange County 71st AD Republican Party Central Committee

Spock fires boosters I declared candidacy Monday. Now I've hit the fuel jettison button, firing booster rockets. Hopefully, every good conservative in OC will see the flare, act immediately to fan my facebook political page and **IMPORTANT** invite others to do the same:

Let's do our part to restore the political environment of ordered liberty, first inscribed by the Author of Liberty upon the hearts of patriots then writ large within our Constitution, the loss of which should be to our everlasting shame. Elect CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVES to grassroots positions.

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