Shoot with the NEXT Sheriff 7pm to 10pm Tonight | Hunt wants to be O.C.’s Joe Arpaio

7pm to 10pm

Hunt wants to be O.C.'s Joe Arpaio | hunt, sheriff, hutchens, issue, fundraiser – News –

Sheriff candidate Bill Hunt is having a fundraiser tonight, and what is significant about it is where it is being held: On Target Indoor Shooting Range in Laguna Niguel. "Come on out and compete against Bill in both timed and accuracy events," the invitation reads. "If you would prefer not to shoot in the event, then feel free to come and watch."

Sheriff Candidate Bill Hunt NOT Afraid to Compete in Shooting

Some cops are "intentionally incompetent", afraid of training or competition that might expose deficiency in skill.  There is much more to being a sheriff than shooting straight, but a sheriff MUST be a straight shooter when it comes to our constitutional rights and a sheriff who is comfortable competing on the range with fellow gunowners deserves support!  Flyer for "shoot with the sheriff(2b)" event Oct 2nd 7pm to 10pm On Target Range: Download ShootForYourRights

Professor John Lott to speak at SAFEOC.ORG fundraiser for Bill Hunt for Sheriff

Email from SAFEOC.ORG:


Dear Supporter of Concealed Carry,


SAFE OC Political Action Committee is pleased to announce its upcoming event, "An Evening With John R. Lott, Ph.D.," on November 4th at the Pacific Club in Newport Beach.


Dr. Lott is Senior Research Scientist at the University of Maryland, College Park, and is the author of "More Guns, Less Crime," "The Bias Against Guns," and "Freedomnomics."  His research demonstrates that states that enact "shall issue" concealed carry laws experience a decrease in violent crime and consequently an increase in public safety.


The evening will include a cocktail reception beginning at 6:30 p.m., followed by dinner at 7:30 p.m., including a presentation by Dr. Lott on his research into the relationship between CCW and public safety.  Proceeds from the event will go to support SAFE OC's effort to elect a pro-CCW Sheriff of Orange County.


Bill Hunt, former Chief of Police for San Clemente and candidate for Sheriff in 2010, will attend the event as well.  Mr. Hunt has publicly pledged to restore liberal CCW issuance if elected, and SAFE OC has endorsed Mr. Hunt unanimously.


With appointed sheriff Hutchens aggressively fundraising and garnering some endorsements from leading elected officials, it is time for pro-CCW citizens to rally and strike back.  If you are a current or former CCW holder, you invested hundreds if not thousands of dollars to obtain your CCW — won't you consider investing an equal amount to preserve your rights?


Don't miss this exciting event and the chance to support a Sheriff who will respect your right to personal safety and our Orange County values of freedom and trust between law enforcement and citizenry.


Hope to see you on November 4!



Bill Hunt Clearly Supports Second Amendment Including CCW

You can't get any clearer than this.  Get behind him now.

Sheriff's candidates discuss concealed weapons policy at Rancho forum | hutchens, margarita, law, sheriff, rancho – News –

Hunt has criticized Hutchens’ policies as being too restrictive. "I believe that your constitutional rights should be protected," Hunt said to the crowd of between 60 to 80 people. "My policy will be if you apply and are not prohibited by law from having a CCW, I'll give it to you."

CCW is issue #1 @

Logically, the statement below might suffice since the majority of CA counties are close to being "Right-To-Carry" or "shall-issue," and obviously such broad issue for "personal protection" should not be considered violative of "state mandated requirements."

However, some would complain the candidate's written platform is not clear enough as to what those "state mandated requirements" are, noting that Hutchens interprets the good cause requirement as implicitly involving some sort of elevated risk not usually found in the population.  Is elevated risk a state-mandated requirement?  It would help if the candidate would answer that with a resounding NO.

It would be great if he would simply endorse "personal protection" or at least "self protection" as good cause, but I might accept something along the lines of a statement that good cause must be applied as if it's 2010 and not still the 1970's, taking into account the good effect of shall-issue laws spreading to 32 states over the last several decades, none of which have been repealed, and the good experience of 40 Right-To-Carry states which freely issue permits or otherwise allow concealed. In other words, a statement that in light of all this, he would issue reasonably and not in the arbitrary and capricious manner of the Kelly-girl temporarily occupying the office.

I believe he came pretty close to this at the recent fundraiser.  Having something more definitive in the written platform would help.

Issues | Bill Hunt for Sheriff.

Protecting Our Rights… I will issue concealed weapons permits (CCW) to any applicant who is a law abiding resident of the county, meets state mandated requirements and is not prohibited by law from possessing a firearm. There have been less than 1200 issued CCW’s in a county of 3 million. The majority have been given to reserve police officers, judges, prosecutors and to reward political supporters. I will depoliticize the process and establish an annual audit to review each application to ensure the process is unbiased, non-political and equitable.

UPDATE: had a good time at the fundraiser.  Bill Hunt basically endorsed personal protection as "good cause."  When asked by me individually and by another before the full audience, he quite clearly indicated he favored broad issuance, excepting only those in prohibited categories who cannot have a gun anyway.

Sheriff Mack gave a great speech on America's sheriffs being the last (bloodless) defense against growth of the federal leviathan.  He also gave a nice plug to Front Sight, mentioning he trained there with family.


fundraiser today with sheriff mack appearing in support of bill hunt 3pm to 6pm old world huntington beach bring checkbook hopefully candidate will be clear on ccw issue both at this meeting and on the campaig trail.