Pope must address crisis of trust within Church in wake of Synod

ROME, 24 October 2015: “There’s a crisis of trust regarding the family between faithful lay Catholics and those in authority at the highest levels of the Church – and only the Pope can restore that trust” according to Voice of […]

Source: Pope must address crisis of trust within Church in wake of Synod – Voice of the Family


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‘Snuff’ the Gun Shop Owner, Priest Says (CNSNEWS.COM)

If we, as Catholics, tolerate priests who advocate taxation without representation (open borders) and other forms of legalized theft, what else can we expect?  Well, maybe this:

Link: ‘Snuff’ the Gun Shop Owner, Priest Says (CNSNEWS.COM)

An Illinois gun-rights group says it plans to complain to the Catholic Church after a Chicago priest at the weekend appeared to call for the murder of a suburban gun shop owner.

My country and my Church had both better figure out that they need each other, and quick.  Without a strong and credible Church, America will keep sliding into immorality (which incidentally makes it more of a target for militant Islam).  Without America, who will defend the Church?

Dangerous Fools Collect Guns (Illegal Guns), No Questions Asked

Link: The Cathoic Review: Parishes respond to violence with gun collection, prayer vigil :

The Sandtown-Winchester parish will be giving $50 rewards for each workable gun turned in between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. May 26 – with no questions asked….
What struck the pastor most during the gun collection in the 1990s was that a large portion of the artillery was turned in by mothers who confiscated firearms from their children.

Ahem, that means they were illegal guns, folks–and keep in mind what is usually meant by "children" in gungrabber parlance…gangbangers.  (My gosh, are they really turning in "artillery"?)

Time for a little word association for the search engines: spoliation of kids…spoliation of evidence…destruction of evidence…organized crime…importation of organized crime…illegal immigration…blue helicopter thinking…US Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church…

LaPierre’s Blog on AG’s Puzzling Comment re School Safety; My Dispute with Diocese of Orange over School Carry

Link: A.G. on School Safety (Wayne LaPierre's blog, NRAnews.com): Wayne writes:

The other day Attorney General Alberto Gonzales made a puzzling comment. 

Speaking in Oklahoma City, he shut down any discussion of professors or adult students with Right-to-Carry licenses on college campuses.  But he also said, "We can't guarantee complete security.  We need to see what we can do as a government, on the federal level, on the state level, to ensure the safety of our students."

I agree that we need to look at steps the government can take to protect our kids, but let's be honest here.  I mean, my gosh, Mr. Gonzales agrees there's no guarantee of complete security. 

If that's the case (and we all know it is), then why shouldn't we also be having a discussion about trained adults legally carrying concealed firearms for their own protection and the protection of others?  Texas Governor Rick Perry's willing to have that discussion.  Why isn't the nation's attorney general?

You might recall that Texas Governor Rick Perry recently said that he's come to the conclusion that trained and licensed Right-to-Carry holders shouldn't be barred from carrying anywhere in the state of Texas.  Oh sure, there are folks who disagree with the governor. 

But at least both sides are engaged in a discussion… which is more than can be said for the attorney general.

This comment by Gonzales closely mirrors what the Diocese recently told me during a recent meeting in which they coerced a promise from me not to carry on my daughter's school campus.  The meeting with the Diocese of Orange (and other chilling events) resulted from an email I sent out to fellow parents soon after VT, advocating teacher carry and urging parents to apply for CCW.  I did not claim to carry on campus, nor did I even claim in that email to have a CCW.  Nevertheless, the Diocese in this meeting wrongfully accused me of the crime of unlawful concealed carry.  [Not only had I never admitted to such carry on campus, but the Diocese without basis refused to acknowledge crystal clear statutory authority exempting CCW holders from the school carry prohibition.  The exemption is at Penal Code section 626.9(l), and the Diocese falsely claimed it has no effect and applies only to police officers under "subsequent litigation and legislative history" (which my local CCW experts–one is a fellow Catholic lawyer and NRA officer–have never heard of; in their opinion, the Diocese is lying).]  Anyway, by wrongfully accusing me of the crime and threatening to send the barsheviks after my law license, as well as "disruption" of my daughter's education, the Diocese coerced the promise from me not to carry.  In drafting it, I included language that my promise was based on assurance by the Diocese that there was "no risk" of serious bodily harm from violent crime on campus.  The Diocese of Orange demanded that I strike this language; they actually stated in the meeting that they could provide no such assurance.  I then offered to substitute "an acceptably low risk" for "no risk" and the Diocese of Orange rejected even this language.  I then pointed out to the Diocese that because there was clear authority for CCW holders to carry on campus, and because they recklessly ignored this authority and prohibited teachers and other adults from carrying on campus, the Diocese was responsible for creating a very dangerous situation.

I recently sent the Diocese of Orange a "request for compensation" (not a formal demand and I admitted I probably would not sue my own Diocese) for wrongfully accusing me of a crime.  I did not request any money–just an apology, plus implementation of NRA's Eddie Eagle program, plus a certain amount of firearms training for teachers, my pastor, and the Diocesan general counsel.  The training would have been free of charge through a combination of Front Sight's current teacher program plus certificates I would provide.  The Diocese of Orange rejected all of my requests.

I believe the evidence in my possession will be relevant to show extreme recklessness on the part of the Diocese of Orange, in the unfortunate event a violent crime should ever occur on a Diocesan campus.

Foolish Fatalism

Link: Reflections on Virginia Tech: Is there any defense against malice? (Catholic News Service)

The central thesis of this article is the need for spiritual preparation in case prevention fails, and I don’t disagree with that, but the following statement goes way too far and is dangerously foolish:

Prevention — as opposed to preparation — neither is nor was possible at Virginia Tech.


Because there is no defense against malice in our world.

Perhaps the attack could not have been prevented, but much of the damage could certainly have been prevented.  Fatalities could have been drastically reduced if students and teachers were armed.

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This is simply a way for Catholic bloggers to keep an eye on how our parishes/schools treat the issue of self-defense, an issue which should be on par with other right-to-life issues. There are other Catholics leading on this issue such as Dave Kopel and John Snyder, but I am not aware of any other blogroll such as this, so here goes.  I have "primed" the list with several pro-gun Catholic celebrities.