July 4: FREE Multi-State CCW Class in Ladera Ranch

UPDATE: LaderaLife removed the post below (despite the public service nature of the event), from the "Round Table" forum which more Laderans follow, relegating it to the "Neighborhood Watch" forum, which few people follow.  Please help publicize this class by emailing to anyone you know in Ladera.

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Free Gun Safety Class July 4 (Ladera Residents Only) I will provide a free ($20 materials fee requested) gun safety class at my home on July 4, from 1230pm to 430pm, after the parade and before the evening festivities. The class is open to Ladera Ranch residents only, and to avoid impacting neighbors students are asked to avoid parking on our street. Space in the class is limited, so email or call now. Learn to "gun-proof" your kids! (In case your neighbors do not "child-proof" their guns.) Learn how to unload a gun and make it safe, in case a kid finds one and asks you to do so. No real weapons are used in the class, which uses training replicas. A shooting test will be conducted using a laser simulator. My class is described further at www.7-4-1776.us – though normally 7 hours, I have shortened it to 4 hours to make it easier to attend on July 4. Though shortened, this FREE version of the class for Ladera residents will still follow the statutory requirements and will qualify you for the nonresident Utah Concealed Firearm Permit (recognized in 29 states), good for five years should you wish to apply for it, provided you pay Utah's $65.25 fee, submit fingerprint cards, passport photo, copy of driver license, and pass the required background check. Minimum age 21. US citizenship NOT required.

How to Join: “Catholic Guns” Blogroll

If you are a Catholic gunblogger, please consider joining the "Catholic Guns" blogroll (sidebar):

  1. Add to your site a link back to this page.
  2. Let me know (info-at-lawnews-dot-TV).
  3. I will then add you to the roll.
  4. If you want the code to add the full roll to your site, let me know that, too, and I will send it.

This is simply a way for Catholic bloggers to keep an eye on how our parishes/schools treat the issue of self-defense, an issue which should be on par with other right-to-life issues. There are other Catholics leading on this issue such as Dave Kopel and John Snyder, but I am not aware of any other blogroll such as this, so here goes.  I have "primed" the list with several pro-gun Catholic celebrities.