China’s 9/11 and The Original: What They Have in Common

What does the 9/11/2001 terrorist attack have in common with the recent terrorist attack in China, now dubbed “China’s 9/11”?assault

Both used knives, not guns.


After Train Station Attack Labeled ‘China’s 9/11,’ a Search for Culprits Focuses on Minority Group – Businessweek#r=most popular.

What is the solution?

Well, how about this idea by the head of Interpol:

Concealed-weapon permit applications flood #OC Sheriff’s Department #CCW #2A

Concealed-weapon permit applications flood O.C. Sheriff’s Department – The Orange County Register.

See for free firearm training in Orange County, including free concealed carry course for permit valid in over 30 states.

San Diego Sheriff will not seek 9th Circuit en banc in Peruta right to carry case.

San Diego Sheriff will not seek 9th Circuit en banc in Peruta right to carry case..

The Sheriff could still file (within 90 days of last week’s ruling) a petition for writ of certiorari with SCOTUS.

Also, a majority of Ninth Circuit judges could move sua sponte to rehear the case.

There are so many moving pieces to this puzzle that I hesitate to make a guess, but I would say today’s action at least makes the first less likely.

I think the solidness of the Peruta opinion makes the second less likely.

It appears the left is punting to delay arrival of a carry case at SCOTUS doorstep.  That may happen soon anyway with the Drake case out of Third Circuit.

Happy Mother’s Day, from GUNTRUST.ORG!

Happy Mother's Day, from GUNTRUST.ORG!

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers whose husbands actively protect their families under the Second Amendment–especially those mothers who accept the responsibility of doing the same! (Photo by Oleg Volk)

Sheriff Hutchens Has Blood on Her Hands for Destroying the Training Ethic

Tragic multiple victim shootings like the one yesterday in Seal Beach, now the worst in Orange County history, are not stopped by police.  If they are stopped at all, they are stopped by armed private citizens.

Were Hutchens not so restrictive in issuing concealed carry permits, would there have been someone nearby carrying a pistol?  Possibly, though with the extreme heat we had yesterday, that person would likely be wearing a Hawaiian shirt, or carrying openly.

Many businesses have a gun on site for protection.  No permit is needed for business owners to protect themselves in this way.  There is a high probability that nearby shopkeepers would have been able to bring guns to this “fight” in time to save at least a life or two.    Able yes, but would they?

Having the gun is not the same as having the will to use it, especially in third party rescue.  That requires training, practice, advance visualization and reflection, and perhaps a little estate planning to remove deadly hesitation over concern you may leave your own family without a provider.

Before Hutchens took office, concealed carry classes were full, frequent, and there was great and widespread enthusiasm about firearms training.  Since she recalled/revoked most of the existing permits, training has been in sharp decline locally, despite a continued upward trend in the rest of the country.

Firearms skills are perishable.  Americans will again be a people trained to bearing arms, only if the Second Amendment is made personally relevant to them.  Hunting is history, so the only way back to this training ethic is for the 21st century American to regain the right to carry a handgun regularly and in public.

Sheriff Hutchens has blood on her hands for destroying the training ethic in Orange County.

John Lott Tackles NYT and Brady Bias On Utah Permits

(You can take the Utah class for free at

» New York Times Swallows Brady Campaign’s Anti-Gun Rhetoric Whole – Big Journalism.

Reporters obviously have only limited time to check claims by those they interview. And it is all to easy for interest groups, such as the Brady Campaign, to play on people’s fears. But this is the Brady Campaign and other gun control groups that have been getting a free-ride for too long in grossly exaggerating the risks of concealed handgun permit holders.

30-State Concealed Carry (CCW) Class at Laguna Hills office in South Orange County, CA

Visit for details.