Ayn Home Alone: My Daughter on New Oleg Volk Poster

My daughter Ayn appears in the latest Oleg Volk poster (thanks Oleg!):

Child_defense_0742web 1602

Click on the image for larger version.

There are hundreds if not thousands of cases of kids defending themselves with guns.  I've noted several on this blog here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here, back when i was blogging more actively, and i've heard of several additional cases since then.

See more of Oleg's work at http://olegvolk.net

Maybe our fellow citizens are not idiots, just misquoted by idiot journalists

The OC Register misquoted me ["I'm afraid of terrorists but am more afraid of a government that can't protect us," he said.] at the TEA party in San Juan Capistrano.  Actually I said: “I’m afraid of terrorists but I’m more afraid of a government strong enough to protect us from terrorists.” Context was gun rights, America's best homeland security.

This isn't the first time i've been misquoted by journalists, but this misquote was completely different and totally changed the meaning i tried to convey, and i repeated my statement twice to the reporter so i have a hard time believing my words were not intentionally reconstructed by someone in the chain (for some reason, maybe an innocuous one like saving space?). 

Perhaps these meaning-morphing misquotes are more common than we realize, like defensive gun uses (DGU's)–aggregate numbers of which are hard to accept until it actually happens to you.
My own Defensive Gun Use, in February, was epiphanic in this regard as, in spite of the dozens who witnessed me draw my pistol to defend against a crazed Muslim student threatening to kill, at my locked-down office building in Laguna Hills, the whole incident was completely ignored by the Register and did not even make the Register's "police blotter" – what is going on in the press rooms?

Lawyer Draws Pistol to Prevent Violent Attack in Laguna Hills

LawNews.TV | Legal News: Estate Planning & Second Amendment.

If the volume is up on your speakers, you are now listening to an actual 911 call made by me at 4:33 p.m. on February 20, 2009, as I arrived at my office building. Unbeknownst to me, the building was in lockdown, and many eyes watched from upstairs (including, ironically, from the conference room where I would teach my monthly concealed carry class the next morning). Those eyes watched in horror as I approached to help a man I thought was having a seizure. For the first time in over five years of carrying concealed, I had to draw my weapon in self-defense. (Yes, like many I received notice of revocation from Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens, but the license was fortunately still in effect.) Drawing to the low ready enabled me to withdraw from the situation unharmed. Thank God I did not have to shoot (which is probably why this was never reported). The facts here were fairly unique: Total stranger, appearing (SOLELY from the myspace page I later found) to be a Muslim with extreme political views, rails against Bush and the US; throws chairs and pushes guard while disturbing the peace at a university occupying a floor in the building; bashes his own head against a sign in the parking lot I pulled into just in time to see him having what I thought was a seizure. (I honestly wish him well; it's clear%