Concealed weapons #CCW permits nearly double in #OrangeCounty #OC #2A #tcot #catcot

Concealed weapons permits nearly double in O.C. – LA Times.

According to the article (which has all the leftward slant you would expect from the LA Times) Sheriff Hutchens remains unconvinced that CCW reduces crime.  Yes, there are other factors and good police work is probably the most important but there several studies proving CCW helps, and Hutchens knows it.  Hutchens’ policy change is solely due to legal pressure and we need to keep the pressure on.

If you are in OC, check the links above and contact me about all the free firearm training I give away.

Glock Ad “Wrong Girl” Wrong on a Couple Things

Couple of problems with this Glock ad:

1) The girl was not carrying on her person (yes, even at home when not sleeping)

2) Gun pointed in but finger not on trigger taking out slack–should either have finger on trigger or gun should be down at the ready

Ayn Home Alone: My Daughter on New Oleg Volk Poster

My daughter Ayn appears in the latest Oleg Volk poster (thanks Oleg!):

Child_defense_0742web 1602

Click on the image for larger version.

There are hundreds if not thousands of cases of kids defending themselves with guns.  I've noted several on this blog here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here, back when i was blogging more actively, and i've heard of several additional cases since then.

See more of Oleg's work at

Help Wanted


I need your help with a couple of things please:

Please spread the word about a new group blog I started for certain friends and family to whom I have transferred lifetime memberships good for free firearms training at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute (often called the “Disneyland for Gun Owners”) in order for them to blog as guest authors about their training experiences. [I obtained a large block of lifetime memberships (seventy-two, actually) — Diamond memberships with the Alaska add-on, valid for all courses in Alaska as well as the main facility near Las Vegas.]  They will be blogging about the good they are doing for themselves, their families, and their communities, by training at the courses described here:

You can visit our group blog here:


Please also spread the word about the $hundred$ of dollars’ worth of FREE firearms training I provide locally at my law office in Laguna Hills, in a FREE concealed carry class that qualifies you for a concealed carry permit recognized in 30 states (not California).  Even if you don’t travel at all, you can use this training in order to carry safely right here in your own home in California, because in California no permit is required to carry in your home.  The training I provide is based on my decade of training as a Front Sight student.

Many gun owners fail to get any formal training.  They stick the gun in a drawer and expect to wave it around like a magic wand.  Or maybe they had training in the military and don’t appreciate the need for handgun training, or for training in the legal, ethical, and moral implications of deadly force.  In fact, I have not had much luck pitching my course to veterans at the local gun show—here are two actual responses: “I was in the military and trained with weapons a lot bigger than that!” and “I got all the training I need 28 years ago in the Marine Corps—I’ll just kill ‘em!”  Many veterans do, of course, recognize the need for continued training, and I would know nothing without them.

Remember the May 2009 case of the Oklahoma City pharmacist (a military veteran) who shot a would-be robber in the head and then, as the robber lay unconscious, returned calmly with a different gun and shot him five more times in the stomach?  Here is the story and video:

Pharmacist shooting


Who should you tell about this free class?  Just about everyone, but in particular those who love their families and America and freedom under rule of law.  Complete novices are welcome, and there is no need to ever touch a real firearm as the class uses highly realistic replicas and a laser simulated range in my office.  Ages 9-99 welcome (kids must be accompanied by parent).

Take advantage of this now and tell your friends because, although this is my fourth year of teaching this class, I am not sure how long I can keep providing all of this training free of charge.

Details on the free class:

Prereq to “class” is attending a free clinic and passing a simple test:

Questions? Call me: 949-215-9995

Stay safe,

Dave Duringer

Should Your First Gun Purchase Begin with your Trust Attorney (or Barber)?

No, this article is not about NFA trusts for machine guns, etc.  It’s about training like my free Family Protection Clinic (http://GUNLAW.PRO) or the fine training provided by a zillion other volunteer firearm instructors in various walks of life (like this barber interviewed by NRA News).

Hsc cert California has it backwards when it comes to gun safety training.  Newbie comes in wanting to buy his or her first gun, whatever they saw on the cover of the gun magazine.  The “gun shop” is the most common venue for taking the simple written exam for the Handgun Safety Certificate (HSC) required in California (must be renewed every five years).  Newbie is a good test taker and manages to pass the simple written exam, but due to the lack of formal training, Newbie is frustrated with shooting and quits the sport.  Or worse, Newbie continues without formal training and someone gets injured.Fast draw toe

Everyone will benefit if Newbie gets trained before walking in to the gun store (including the gun store, which will sell a lot more guns if Newbie starts out right).  “Newbie” includes anyone who has not recently had formal training, as the skills are highly perishable (none of us are immune).

I hope you will join me at my free clinic, regardless of your experience level. Sign up your whole family for the Family Protection Clinic at http://GUNLAW.PRO to prepare for the 30-state Concealed Firearm Permit, California’s Handgun Safety Certificate, or simply to learn the basics and have fun. (I have upgraded the laser simulator with the latest technology, and it delivers;)

You can complete all of this training without ever touching a real gun.  Replicas provide the realism necessary, without worry over safety (and shooting up my office walls).  Complete the training before you buy your first handgun, and your decision will be better informed.  And who knows, you may even avoid the proverbial “drawer full of holsters.”