Avert Civil War with a F.I.R.S.T. Family Trust

Some worry Washington is marching to foreign drums, that we are headed toward civil war.  Our federal government does seem to be making dry run after dry run, testing our acceptance of totalitarian means of control.  Some commentators warn us not to fall into the trap set by socialists trying to push patriots over the precipice of violence in order to justify more socialistic controls including, ultimately, nationwide gun confiscation.

It is pathetically ironic that, after long ignoring the issue, court decisions now acknowledge the necessity under the American concept of ordered liberty of “a people trained to bearing arms”—perhaps too late, as socialism now threatens to sweep away American freedoms.  The Founders considered it not merely a right, but a DUTY, to be at all times armed.

Gun ownership is on the rise, but training has not kept pace.  The People need to be trained to effectively and safely bear weapons at all times so that the right is valued as personally relevant to them, not to be given up or taken away.  They need to be trained in the ethics and law of using lethal force, including perhaps discussion of the just war principles militating against the sort of pointless (and ruinously counterproductive) acts of resistance which may be encouraged by excessive federal groping.

Rather than allowing themselves to be pushed toward violence, the People in training for the defensive use of firearms would increase the ability of their respective state legislatures to call up state militia.  States would use the increased leverage to their advantage at the bargaining table (and at the ballot box with emboldened voters) in pushing back the federal leviathan, preserving sovereignty and subsidiarity under the Tenth Amendment.

Is it too late?  Firearms proficiency cannot be acquired overnight, but perhaps Washington and Beijing will take note of dry practice clicks within the confines of American homes, in numbers sufficient to be audible ‘round the world.  ONLY THE FAMILY, the social institution closest to our Creator, can be trusted to train Americans in their sacred duty to bear arms.  While government schools are happy to preach as duty the modern 3R’s (Reduce, Re-use, Recycle), they will never preach that the private citizen has a duty to bear arms.

It is not too late.  Your family can be a multi-generational firearms training institution through a special type of incentive trust known as a F.I.R.S.T. Family Trust, and this can be done as part of a regular estate plan.  Call 1-888-WAY-WILL to set up yours.