Front Sight: Much more than a Disneyland

Front Sight is often called "a Disneyland for gun owners" but a discussion on the radio with Glenn Beck reminded me how much more it is than a Disneyland.  Beck was discussing the "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" and how that history used not the word "entertainment" but the word "amusement" to describe the role of "bread and circuses" figuring so prominently in the decline of aforesaid empire.  To "muse" is to inspire.  Just as "amoral" means lacking morality, "amuse" means simply to entertain without inspiration.  A long time ago, the word even meant "deceive."

Yes, Front Sight is fun.  More importantly, it inspires.  Students of all walks of life, all politics, all faiths come to Front Sight.  They keep coming, and some even become instructors, because Front Sight is a purpose-based organization focused on improving the image of gun ownership.  Front Sight students know that what kills innocent crime victims (and republics) is not the gun, but the IMAGE of gun ownership.  Front Sight students are inspired to improve that image through continued training and by bringing others to Front Sight who share that mission.