Kids Using Guns in Defense: New Case from Wyoming

New case out of Wyoming: 15 year old boy in Wyoming shoots and kills man, saving an unrelated woman from kidnapping.

This and other stories here: Examples of Kids Using Guns to Defend Themselves.

Glock Ad “Wrong Girl” Wrong on a Couple Things

Couple of problems with this Glock ad:

1) The girl was not carrying on her person (yes, even at home when not sleeping)

2) Gun pointed in but finger not on trigger taking out slack–should either┬áhave finger on trigger or gun should be down at the ready

Happy Mother’s Day, from GUNTRUST.ORG!

Happy Mother's Day, from GUNTRUST.ORG!

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers whose husbands actively protect their families under the Second Amendment–especially those mothers who accept the responsibility of doing the same! (Photo by Oleg Volk)