Lawyer Draws Pistol to Prevent Violent Attack in Laguna Hills

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If the volume is up on your speakers, you are now listening to an actual 911 call made by me at 4:33 p.m. on February 20, 2009, as I arrived at my office building. Unbeknownst to me, the building was in lockdown, and many eyes watched from upstairs (including, ironically, from the conference room where I would teach my monthly concealed carry class the next morning). Those eyes watched in horror as I approached to help a man I thought was having a seizure. For the first time in over five years of carrying concealed, I had to draw my weapon in self-defense. (Yes, like many I received notice of revocation from Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens, but the license was fortunately still in effect.) Drawing to the low ready enabled me to withdraw from the situation unharmed. Thank God I did not have to shoot (which is probably why this was never reported). The facts here were fairly unique: Total stranger, appearing (SOLELY from the myspace page I later found) to be a Muslim with extreme political views, rails against Bush and the US; throws chairs and pushes guard while disturbing the peace at a university occupying a floor in the building; bashes his own head against a sign in the parking lot I pulled into just in time to see him having what I thought was a seizure. (I honestly wish him well; it's clear%

Sheriff Hutchens’ ‘loaded’ gun policy: Arbitrary & Capricious & Beyond Reason

Sheriff Hutchens' 'loaded' gun policy | ccw, sheriff, permit, county, permits – Opinion –

The good-cause requirements of California law do not require a more restrictive good-cause policy, and the CCW permits improperly issued by Sheriff Carona for political purposes account for very few CCW permits. The sheriff is supposed to exercise her discretion in defining good cause. The restrictive policies that Hutchens prefers reflect her own personal political philosophy, not the law. If she makes CCW permit issuance in Orange County more like Los Angeles, then we will return to a restrictive policy where very few ordinary citizens have concealed weapons. Therefore, if you need a CCW permit, then it will be more important, not less important, to be politically influential.

Socialists Really Do Believe in the Second Amendment, Just as Atheists Really Believe in God (They Just Hate Both)

An evangelist recently observed that self-professed "atheists" hate God more than angels etc. because they know that God exists.  (And therefore aren't really atheists).

When anti-gun socialists such as Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens and Barack Hussein Obama profess, "I believe in the Second Amendment," they really do, and that belief is what engenders so much hatred and anti-gun bigotry,  That is what causes them to lie so boldly and act in unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious ways to constrain the rights of truth-tellers.

LaPierre: Having It Both Ways.

A spokeswoman for President Obama has confirmed what the NRA has been saying all along … that he supports gun control, including sweeping bans on semi-automatic rifles. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution says it received confirmation of Obama's support for gun control laws in an email from spokeswoman Amy Brundage. Of course, the spokeswoman spat out that forked-tongued two-faced doublespeak that's become so familiar- that Obama "believes in the Second Amendment" as well. Doesn't anyone call a lie a lie any more? That's like saying you believe in the First Amendment, but it doesn't apply to radio or cable television. We'll get the same argument from those who want to shut down conservative talk radio before long. It doesn't matter if it's the First or the Second Amendment we're talking about … there is nothing right or reasonable about rationing constitutional rights, and the NRA will fight until they're restored.

Pat Bates Firmly, Unequivocally Supports “Authorized Citizens”

Supervisor Pat Bates' Fifth District Report.

I will continue to encourage the Sheriff to adopt a policy that is both transparent and recognizes the right of authorized citizens to carry a concealed weapon.

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of authorized citizens to carry a concealed weapon, shall not be infringed."–Pat Bates

Thank you, Ms. Bates, for protecting the rights we enjoy as authorized citizens.

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