The Lazenby Generation

The Millenial Generation has a new name: The Lazenby Generation

George Lazenby showed promise as Sean Connery’s replacement in the Bond franchise.  But he gave it all up after just one movie (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service), reportedly because the producers ignored his suggestions and made him feel mindless.  Then he became sort of a hippie dude, growing long hair and beard, preaching peace and proclaiming (based on disinformation or perhaps brainwashing by a bad agent) that secret agents would have no place in the “liberated” 1970’s.  So he rejected a contract for seven Bond movies, expecting to make more doing commercials.

Co-star Diana Rigg commented at the time:

The role made Sean Connery a millionaire. It made Sean Connery … I truly don’t know what’s happening in George’s mind so I can only speak of my reaction. I think it’s a pretty foolish move. I think if he can bear to do an apprenticeship, which everybody in this business has to do – has to do – then he should do it quietly and with humility. Everybody has to do it. There are few instant successes in the film business. And the instant successes one usually associates with somebody who is willing to learn anyway.

Producer Broccoli claims Lazenby later in 1971 asked for another chance to play Bond, but Broccoli refused.  Lazenby certainly used the series later to promote himself, through various unofficial and ancillary engagements and fan events.

What of Millenials?  Did they also spit out their Broccoli?  In droves they did in 2008 and 2012, brainwashed by disinformation and bad advice, from academic foreign agents, to elect a socialist dictator in spite of all of the evidence (available before 2008) this dictator would completely rob them of their future.  No privacy, no wealth, no freedom.  As with Lazenby, minimum wage proponents reject apprenticeship and end up with nothing.  They get free health care then complain when the price of free healthcare hits their pocketbook and they ultimately end up with no healthcare.

Now, Millenial Americans (a/k/a Lazen-bees) appear to recognize their error as they abandon both Obama and Obamacare.

Too late.  Like the Australian Bond, they should have had their Broccoli.  Might have saved them from the British disease.

California is in play! New Field Poll indicates Obama could Lose in CA

The Sacramento Bee reports the results here but misleads with the following:

Though Obama is strongly favored to win California in his re-election bid next year, the poll suggests many Democrats may vote for him only begrudgingly…

The actual Field poll has a margin of error of up to 4.6%, and states the following:

The current proportion approving of his performance (46%) is now only slightly greater than the proportion disapproving (44%), a big change from three months ago when Californians approved of the job he was doing 54% to 37%. In addition, those who are inclined to reelect Obama outnumber those not inclined by just five points (49% to 44%).

I.E., "just five points" NOT "strongly favored" as the Bee reported.

Birth Certificate vs. Birth Hussein Certificate

Longform ShortformAt left is an example of a long form hospital-generated birth certificate indicating name of hospital and attending physician. At right is the "Certification of Live Birth" provided by Barack Hussein Obama, which Hawaii could issue for individuals born outside of Hawaii. Natural born? Maybe. WND asks: