NASA Gives 99-Percent Probability Of 5.0 Earthquake In LA

That’s “LA” as in “La-Abra”, Orange County, and 5.0 as in 6.3:

“There’s enough energy stored to produce about a magnitude 6.1 to 6.3 earthquake,” Dr. Donnellan described.

Dr. Donnellan and her team then proceeded to measure the probability of a similar quake for the entire 60-mile radius of the Los Angeles area. The results produced a shocking 99-percent chance of a magnitude 5.0 or greater in Los Angeles within three years.

Seismologists at the US Geological Survey have questioned that probability, suggesting it may in fact be slightly lower, stating: “…the accepted random chance of a (magnitude five) or greater in this area in three years is 85 percent, independent of the analysis in this paper.”

Source: NASA Gives 99-Percent Probability Of 5.0 Earthquake In LA « CBS Los Angeles


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Concealed weapons #CCW permits nearly double in #OrangeCounty #OC #2A #tcot #catcot

Concealed weapons permits nearly double in O.C. – LA Times.

According to the article (which has all the leftward slant you would expect from the LA Times) Sheriff Hutchens remains unconvinced that CCW reduces crime.  Yes, there are other factors and good police work is probably the most important but there several studies proving CCW helps, and Hutchens knows it.  Hutchens’ policy change is solely due to legal pressure and we need to keep the pressure on.

If you are in OC, check the links above and contact me about all the free firearm training I give away.

#OrangeCounty Register Article on #FrontSight Firearm Training – Get Free Life Membership at #2A #CCW #OC

Shooting school teaches technique and safety – The Orange County Register.

I’m giving away free life memberships at Front Sight, the world’s largest shooting school. Details here:

Concealed-weapon permit applications flood #OC Sheriff’s Department #CCW #2A

Concealed-weapon permit applications flood O.C. Sheriff’s Department – The Orange County Register.

See for free firearm training in Orange County, including free concealed carry course for permit valid in over 30 states.

Sheriff Hutchens Has Blood on Her Hands for Destroying the Training Ethic

Tragic multiple victim shootings like the one yesterday in Seal Beach, now the worst in Orange County history, are not stopped by police.  If they are stopped at all, they are stopped by armed private citizens.

Were Hutchens not so restrictive in issuing concealed carry permits, would there have been someone nearby carrying a pistol?  Possibly, though with the extreme heat we had yesterday, that person would likely be wearing a Hawaiian shirt, or carrying openly.

Many businesses have a gun on site for protection.  No permit is needed for business owners to protect themselves in this way.  There is a high probability that nearby shopkeepers would have been able to bring guns to this “fight” in time to save at least a life or two.    Able yes, but would they?

Having the gun is not the same as having the will to use it, especially in third party rescue.  That requires training, practice, advance visualization and reflection, and perhaps a little estate planning to remove deadly hesitation over concern you may leave your own family without a provider.

Before Hutchens took office, concealed carry classes were full, frequent, and there was great and widespread enthusiasm about firearms training.  Since she recalled/revoked most of the existing permits, training has been in sharp decline locally, despite a continued upward trend in the rest of the country.

Firearms skills are perishable.  Americans will again be a people trained to bearing arms, only if the Second Amendment is made personally relevant to them.  Hunting is history, so the only way back to this training ethic is for the 21st century American to regain the right to carry a handgun regularly and in public.

Sheriff Hutchens has blood on her hands for destroying the training ethic in Orange County.

The “Chivalry is Dead” Clip and the Color Code of Mental Awareness

A good CCW class (e.g., will include discussion of the Color Code of Mental Awareness, a way to increase awareness and ramp up to an appropriate level of defensive or evasive action in response to a perceived threat, aided by advance visualization of likely scenarios.

It is very unlikely you will get hit by a foul ball when you go to a baseball game.  However, it is quite possible that someone will get hit by a foul ball when you go to a baseball game, and that someone could be you, your family member, or the girlfriend of this unchivalrous or at least unprepared dude in need of a ramp.

Hot Air » Confirmed: Chivalry is dead.

Granted, it’s been dead for a long time, but rarely do we get this good of a look at the corpse. The clip prompts a question

Responsibilities When a Loved One Leaves the Range

Estate settlement responsibilities can get complicated and tend to arrive precisely at the time when we are least able to handle them, emotionally and perhaps physically. Here is a general discussion of some of the issues involved for a simple estate, but keep in mind the importance of consulting an attorney as soon as possible, before taking any action. This is not a complete list of all issues and tasks involved, but may help you get started:

attorney, GUNTRUST.ORG, Professional Law Corporation Laguna Hills, CA Probate~Trust Admin

McDonald Case Worthless Unless You Update Your Family Constitution

At a meeting of estate planners a few weeks ago, I mentioned my free concealed weapons class (http://GUNLAW.PRO, more details at and that I design trusts with incentives for multi-generational firearms training.  A well-known and highly respected attorney recalled and related to us a terrible experience he had a long time ago on a family outing, when he realized to his horror that he was "accidentally" (negligently) pointing a loaded gun at his own daughter.  It was obvious to me this had powerfully affected his view of guns, unfortunately in a negative way.

This kind of negligence is so easily avoidable, with some good basic training plus REGULAR DRY PRACTICE to engrain rigid compliance with the four basic safety rules, as to virtually ELIMINATE any possibility of this kind of thing ever happening.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of gun owners do not even know what they do not know.  I gather this from teaching over 70 ccw students, many with military and law enforcement backgrounds.  Worse, many gun owners are too prideful (or fearful) to even consider formal training.  Firearms skills (both efficiency and safety) are perishable and we can all benefit from holding each other accountable. 

Despite the great result in McDonald, reasonable restrictions are still permitted.  The four dissenting justices in McDonald provide a glimpse as to what "reasonable" means in Alice's Wonderland, possibly your children's future. 

As the Supreme Court has acknowledged, a well-regulated militia cannot exist without a people trained to bearing arms.  Unless we step up our efforts to train each other and our children, we will lose the right to bear arms within a generation.

Family Protection Clinic | GUNTRUST.ORG, Professional Law Corporation, Laguna Hills, CA.

The clinic is an informal gathering of clients, financial advisors, friends, and any member of the public who would like to attend (not necessary to be a client) for free general information and discussion about estate planning, asset protection and family protection, including a discussion of Unloaded Open Carry (UOC) in California; plus free target practice with realistic laser simulator (moving/transitional targets, including hostage rescue scenario). [You can also complete the shooting prerequisite for attending free CCW class (ccw details at] Video:

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Ladera Ranch Chamber Forces Director to Resign After Bringing Up CCW Issue for Business Owners

Professional Profile.

former Director, Ladera Ranch Chamber of Commerce; forced to resign as VP Government Affairs after attempting to inform South Orange County Regional Chambers of Commerce GAC of Supervisors' historic resolution re ccw issuance to business owners.