Sheriff Candidate Bill Hunt NOT Afraid to Compete in Shooting

Some cops are "intentionally incompetent", afraid of training or competition that might expose deficiency in skill.  There is much more to being a sheriff than shooting straight, but a sheriff MUST be a straight shooter when it comes to our constitutional rights and a sheriff who is comfortable competing on the range with fellow gunowners deserves support!  Flyer for "shoot with the sheriff(2b)" event Oct 2nd 7pm to 10pm On Target Range: Download ShootForYourRights

Sheriff Hutchens’ ‘loaded’ gun policy: Arbitrary & Capricious & Beyond Reason

Sheriff Hutchens' 'loaded' gun policy | ccw, sheriff, permit, county, permits – Opinion –

The good-cause requirements of California law do not require a more restrictive good-cause policy, and the CCW permits improperly issued by Sheriff Carona for political purposes account for very few CCW permits. The sheriff is supposed to exercise her discretion in defining good cause. The restrictive policies that Hutchens prefers reflect her own personal political philosophy, not the law. If she makes CCW permit issuance in Orange County more like Los Angeles, then we will return to a restrictive policy where very few ordinary citizens have concealed weapons. Therefore, if you need a CCW permit, then it will be more important, not less important, to be politically influential.