Sheriff Hutchens Has Blood on Her Hands for Destroying the Training Ethic

Tragic multiple victim shootings like the one yesterday in Seal Beach, now the worst in Orange County history, are not stopped by police.  If they are stopped at all, they are stopped by armed private citizens.

Were Hutchens not so restrictive in issuing concealed carry permits, would there have been someone nearby carrying a pistol?  Possibly, though with the extreme heat we had yesterday, that person would likely be wearing a Hawaiian shirt, or carrying openly.

Many businesses have a gun on site for protection.  No permit is needed for business owners to protect themselves in this way.  There is a high probability that nearby shopkeepers would have been able to bring guns to this “fight” in time to save at least a life or two.    Able yes, but would they?

Having the gun is not the same as having the will to use it, especially in third party rescue.  That requires training, practice, advance visualization and reflection, and perhaps a little estate planning to remove deadly hesitation over concern you may leave your own family without a provider.

Before Hutchens took office, concealed carry classes were full, frequent, and there was great and widespread enthusiasm about firearms training.  Since she recalled/revoked most of the existing permits, training has been in sharp decline locally, despite a continued upward trend in the rest of the country.

Firearms skills are perishable.  Americans will again be a people trained to bearing arms, only if the Second Amendment is made personally relevant to them.  Hunting is history, so the only way back to this training ethic is for the 21st century American to regain the right to carry a handgun regularly and in public.

Sheriff Hutchens has blood on her hands for destroying the training ethic in Orange County.

Shoot with the NEXT Sheriff 7pm to 10pm Tonight | Hunt wants to be O.C.’s Joe Arpaio

7pm to 10pm

Hunt wants to be O.C.'s Joe Arpaio | hunt, sheriff, hutchens, issue, fundraiser – News –

Sheriff candidate Bill Hunt is having a fundraiser tonight, and what is significant about it is where it is being held: On Target Indoor Shooting Range in Laguna Niguel. "Come on out and compete against Bill in both timed and accuracy events," the invitation reads. "If you would prefer not to shoot in the event, then feel free to come and watch."

Sheriff Candidate Bill Hunt NOT Afraid to Compete in Shooting

Some cops are "intentionally incompetent", afraid of training or competition that might expose deficiency in skill.  There is much more to being a sheriff than shooting straight, but a sheriff MUST be a straight shooter when it comes to our constitutional rights and a sheriff who is comfortable competing on the range with fellow gunowners deserves support!  Flyer for "shoot with the sheriff(2b)" event Oct 2nd 7pm to 10pm On Target Range: Download ShootForYourRights

Bill Hunt Clearly Supports Second Amendment Including CCW

You can't get any clearer than this.  Get behind him now.

Sheriff's candidates discuss concealed weapons policy at Rancho forum | hutchens, margarita, law, sheriff, rancho – News –

Hunt has criticized Hutchens’ policies as being too restrictive. "I believe that your constitutional rights should be protected," Hunt said to the crowd of between 60 to 80 people. "My policy will be if you apply and are not prohibited by law from having a CCW, I'll give it to you."

Jack Anderson Email Claims Concealed Carry is NOT Protected by Second Amendment

I remember Jack Anderson at April's GOP Central Committee meeting, trying to block the resolution opposing Hutchens' ccw policy.  I remember him flying off the handle when someone suggested his role at the meeting was inappropriate given his status with OCSD.

In the excerpt of his email below, forwarded to Central Committee members, Jack Anderson indicates he does not believe concealed carry is protected by the Second Amendment right to bear ams, and furthermore he does not even seem to allow for reasonable good cause analysis taking into account the excellent experience we have had with RTC spreading nationally over the last several decades:


I have heard supporters of the ill thought out resolution argue that our Central Committee needs to return to the core Republican platform which includes supporting any attempts to infringe upon the right to bear arms. Sheriff Hutchens has repeatedly stated that she supports the 2nd Amendment, she is not taking anyone’s gun away, she is merely insuring CCW licenses are issued in accordance with the law. I’ve heard the argument that the right to bear arms includes to bear arms concealed anywhere and that California should be a “right to carry concealed” state like some 38 other states in the nation. Only our legislators in Sacramento can make that happen, the State’s 58 county Sheriffs and over 400 Chiefs of Police don’t make the law but we expect them to follow the law.

Hutchens’ Facebook Page Carries Jack Anderson’s Departure Notice

Does Anderson actually think he will have support from real American supporters of the Second Amendment?

After over 23 years of proud service to the Orange County community, I will be leaving the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in mid-September 2009.  It has been my privilege and my honor to have served among some of the finest people in the profession during my tenure.  I wish to thank all of you who make up this great organization and the other members of the County’s service community who have been supportive of both me and the department.  You all have my admiration for the good you do daily in making Orange County a better and safer community.

Dialing 911-1911

Dialing 911-1911.

The images you see at left and below are taken from the blog of a gentleman I met on February 20, 2009, in the parking lot outside my office. The circumstances of our meeting are largely captured by the 911 recording (via Bluetooth EARPIECE!) you can hear by turning up your speakers and refreshing this page. I made the call to 911 as I approached to help someone I thought was having a seizure. I did not realize the whole building was in lockdown due to this upstairs university student. You can hear him admitting insanity, then (abruptly rising to his feet) shouting "IF I SEE F***S ON THE STREET I'M GONNA KILL 'EM!" I was the only one on the street, about 6 to 8 feet away when the large man uttered the word "kill" – one second later, my weapon was out (low ready, not pointed in) and I was shouting "STOP RIGHT THERE! STOP RIGHT THERE!" as I backed up. He kept coming toward me even as I withdrew, until I quit talking to 911 and stood my ground briefly with more aggressive stance and demeanor (weapon still at low ready). Many witnesses watched from above including several, ironically, from the conference room six floors up where I would teach a concealed carry class the following morning. Does this man have radical views as an Arab Muslim?